‘Are we thick then?!’ 5Live erupts into shouting match as caller takes on Insulate Britain

Nicky Campbell clashes with caller over Insulate Britain protests

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Caller Dave rang in to BBC Radio 5 Live and ranted down the phone against Insulate Britain, stating many people in the UK were aware of climate change issues but should not be targeted with the group’s protest. But things quickly turned sour after Paul in Oxford and Insulate Britain spokeswoman Tracey Mallaghan bundled on Dave as they played down the extent of the M25 disruption. Dave bit back and said people’s lives were at risk with Paul saying in the grand scheme of things the planet was more important as he appeared to subtly call Dave “uneducated” for not sympathising with the group’s cause.

Caller Dave told the programme many across the country were aware of the climate change issues but said it was not fair that the public was being inconvenienced by Insulate Britain.

He said he could not comprehend why people would glue themselves to the road with BBC host Nicky Campbell inviting a more sympathetic caller to defend the group.

Paul told the show: “I don’t think people do know what the issues are, I think this is [where] governments have an agenda and they stick to what their agenda is and certainly as far as installation we were talking about it a couple of years ago.

“The scheme ran out of money very quickly.”

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Paul explained he was caught in the disruptions on the M25 and said he was delayed for an hour when returning back from his girlfriend’s but it was not “the end of the world”.

But a furious Dave butted in and challenged Paul to respond to an emergency scenario when time is of the essence.

Paul said people often get caught in traffic because of accidents and this was no different to which Dave pointed out that scenario was not deliberately caused by anyone.

Paul then said: “What is the most important thing, a single life or the lives of the planet? The lives of everyone or the inconvenience of the individual?”

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Dave was then told that a “we” does not exist meaning there is no unified view on particular topics with Dave then asking if “we’re all thick then?”.

Paul paused and said there is “an awful lot of uneducated people” in the country before Tracey stepped in.

She told the show: “What we’re trying to say hun is you’re not connecting emotionally with the gravity of the climate crisis.

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“I’m sorry you’re taking it as an insult but you really do need a big hug and understand the gravity of the situation that our children face.”

Insulate Britain have once again blockaded parts of the M25 despite a high court injunction being issued to arrest them on sight if they halt roads

Protesters glued their hands to the ground on the M25 at Thurrock, Essex with nine activists being arrested.

The protest marks the eighth day of protests in three weeks by the group.

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