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Surfer tricked by captors and raped for two months now celibate from the trauma

A former professional surfer who was kidnapped and raped for two months in India has revealed she can no longer have sex due to the trauma.

Carmen Greentree, who was 22 at the time, became a victim of scammers posing as government tourism operators and was held against her will on a houseboat in New Delhi.

Ms Greentree was in the country after leaving Sydney to study under the Dalai Lama in the Himalayas.

She was held captive by Rafiq Ahmad Dundoo in 2004 and raped dozens of times and beaten every time she asked to leave.

Ms Greentree was on the boat with Dundoo's elderly mother and father, two brothers, and his wife and their baby.

After spending two months, she was saved when authorities stormed the boat after her attacker gave away their location as he attempted to extort money from her parents.

However, the ordeal has left Ms Greentree, now 38, ‘afraid’ of sex and “she said she would “literally die if I have one more time like this”.

She took a period of celibacy before later marrying her husband and becoming a mother-of-three.

While speaking to SBS program Insight's segment on Celibacy, Greentree said: “At that point [after getting married at 32] I'd actually lost myself a lot and I'd stopped listening to my body.

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“I'd stopped listening to my soul…my heart. I was very much more focused on living up to society's expectations of what a woman should be like.

“I was telling myself on the surface I was having a really great time and I was amazing and this was amazing. And deep, deep, deep down I was like, "I don't like this. I don't want to be doing this. This is not right for me.”

She added: “The most beautiful thing about it was that I felt as though I was mine again – my energy was mine. My soul felt happy finding my way back home to me.”

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Ms Greentree was known to travel and her going quiet was quite common but it was only when her friend Catherin had a dream about her being in trouble that she was saved.

Katherine spoke to the Australian High Commission in India to investigate and local police began treating her as a missing person.

She was saved on July 25, after several police boats arrived and armed officers stormed the houseboat.

Dundoo and his brother Shabir Ahmad Dundoo were arrested and Ms Greentree’s passport and belongings were retrieved.

Ms Greentree published a book last year called ‘A Dangerous Pursuit of Happiness’, which details her abduction and how she recovered from the ordeal.

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