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Real-life mermaid uses custom-made tail to be ‘one with nature’ in UK lakes

A real-life mermaid has been spotted not in the sea but enjoying the many lakes and reservoirs across Yorkshire.

Patris Angel, also known as Mermaid Starlight Seraika, uses a specially constructed tail to live her mermaid dreams.

The French-born singer and life coach says she feels “one with nature” as she wild swims like a mermaid in both the sunshine and the snow.

“Usually people are surprised when I say I am a mermaid, “ she Patris told the Daily Star, who moved to Greater Manchester five years ago.

“They ask for more information, many get very enthusiastic and ask how they can get into it .

Patris first learned about the mermaid life in 2019 after she was asked to speak at a discussion about Elemental Beings.

In researching for the speech, she became fascinated with the mermaid community and discovered she could buy her very own mermaid tail, which she describes as life changing moment.

Patris said: “I like to see underwater mermaid swimming as a kind of meditation, like diving into a deep part of myself, into a different world. It’s definitely magical and makes me feel one with nature.

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She added: “I also like to use the mermaid archetype as a coach to help my clients feel beautiful, confident and wild

“And as a singer I wrote/improvised mermaid songs, turned them into videos or video meditations – I will soon release the Lake Song!”

Due to Patris' love of wild swimming, she was already a really strong swimmer but had to learn to swim differently with the tail.

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She began practicing by swimming with her legs together before donning the mermaid tail for the first time.

After lots of practice, she is now a self taught swimming mermaid but she recommends those looking to take up the hobby to seek training to ensure their safety.

Patris often swims around Marsden but has swam in Colwyn Bay, a lake in Cheshire and even abroad in Venice, Italy.

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She said: “I am part of the UK Merpod, which is basically a Facebook group but allows UK mer-people to stay in touch and organise meetings and such on occasions.

“Lately a new group was created called Frosty Intails whose aim is to share our experiences with Winter outdoors swimming in a tail- it’s a kind of challenge but kept very friendly and safe.

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“I know mermaids from all over the world too, through Instagram, Fins Magazine that organise regular Zoom chats, and I attended the California MerCon through Zoom last year The mermaid community is growing so much.”

Patris shares her mermaid journey and wild swimming spots on Facebook on her page, Mermaid Starlight.

She hopes that by talking about it more it will encourage others to learn more about it and even take up the hobby with guidance on how to do it safely.

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