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Man finds ‘largest hornet nest pest controller had ever seen’ while washing car

A man was left speechless after finding a hornet's nest in his attic, the "biggest" the pest controller had ever seen.

Les Stagg, 52, was washing his car on Sunday, September 19, when he noticed one or two hornets flying around the corner of his roof, but the true extent of the problem was much larger.

Les said he could see a 'bit of a nest' coming through the roof so decided to ring Independent Pest Control for assistance, before they found a huge nest in his attic in Liverpool, Merseyside.

When the worker came round to inspect the loft she was left shocked and called Les in to see the true scale of the problem, as he hadn't seen the issue from the inside at that point, the Liverpool ECHO reported.

He said: "I was telling her that I only saw the hornets flying around the house on Sunday so I thought it might be a new, small nest.

"When she went up to have a look, she came straight back down and told me that I might want to have a look at it. She said it's the biggest she's ever seen.

"Thankfully she was able to spray it and then waited an hour before taking the nest out."

Les said at first he thought it could be a wasp's nest but the Independent Pest Control worker said it was "definitely" hornets because of the size.

She explained to Les that hornet season has 'gone crazy' due to the weather and the problem could last until November and December.

Independent Pest Control said they are usually only called out once a week to deal with a problem like this but, at the moment, they are being called out every day.

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Les said: "I really hate wasps and hornets. I only saw about six or seven outside the roof but they were always there and they had started to come in through the bathroom window.

"Thankfully, they've completely gone now. The woman who came round to help was really great but she did say I may need to get my roof looked at now.

"It was lucky I spotted them. We only go into the attic three or four times a year to do things like get the Christmas tree down so they could have ended up being there a lot longer.

"The woman had to have protective suit on but they were swarming round her. One of them still managed to sting her through the suit on her shoulder.

"I was completely shocked when I saw the size of it. I couldn't believe it. We have had hornets and nests in the past but never one as big as this."

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