Hartley-Brewer loses it when ex-Green leader compares M25 protesters to suffragettes

Iain Dale scolds M25 protester for refusing to stop chaos

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The M25 Insulate Britain protesters have wreaked havoc across Britain’s public roads this week, sparking a swift court injunction against them. TalkRADIO host Julia Hartley-Brewer snapped at Green Party peer Baroness Natalie Bennett when the former part leader voiced support for the protesters. Baroness Bennett even compared the M25 Insulate Britain protesters to the suffragettes.

She told talkRADIO that non-violent protest, such as blocking motorways, “is what gave women the vote”.

Insulate Britain has blocked parts of the M25 five times in the last fortnight.

Ms Hartley-Brewer said: “We are told that Insulate Britain may move onto to other motorways where that court order does not apply.”

When pressed, Baroness Bennet voiced her support for the climate change protesters.

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The radio host hit back: “Do you think it’s okay to stop people going about their lawful business on public roads?”

The former Green Party leader responded: “This is non-violent direct action, this is what gave women the vote.”

Ms Hartley-Brewer snapped: “Oh no, no, no, you don’t get to do that.

“Every member of Insulate Britain has got the vote right now. They could run as a Green Party candidate.

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“They could ask people to support them and persuade people. You cannot make the comparison to the suffragettes.”

The Sheffield-based Green Party member did not back down: “Non-violent direction action is exactly what the suffragettes did. It’s what the anti-fracking protesters did too.”

The talkRADIO host raged at this claim, saying that people are not “entitled” to “just stop people do what they want to do, instead of persuading them”.

This comes as a new court ruling won by the government warns climate change protesters that they could be jailed if they continue their campaign of blocking the M25.


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Transport Secretary Grant Shapps tweeted that activists faced “possible imprisonment if they flout”.

In a reply to Mr Shapps’ tweet, Insulate Britain said the Government “is reckless and is putting lives at risk with its inaction on #insulation”.

Protesters have also targeted other motorways, including the M11 near Stansted Airport in Essex and the M3 in Surrey.

The protest group has been calling for the installation of heat-saving measures in social housing by 2025, and all homes by 2030.

The Government has defended its energy and climate change plans, saying it was “investing £1.3bn this year alone to support people to install energy efficiency measures”.

A spokesperson added: “Our upcoming Heat and Buildings Strategy will set out how we decarbonise the nation’s homes in a way that is fair, practical, and affordable.”

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