‘Ball now in US court’ Biden stalls post-Brexit trade US deal as NI protocol sparks row

Boris Johnson discusses US relationship whilst sat with Joe Biden

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GB News reporter Darren McCaffrey reflected on Joe Biden and Boris Johnson’s first meeting in person as leaders of the UK and US. Mr McCaffrey argued it was looking less likely the pair would agree on a post-Brexit trade deal in Joe Biden’s presidency. He noted that the issue of Northern Ireland proved to be a sticking point for the White House.

Mr McCaffrey said: “There is still a bit of rankling over this idea of a free trade deal between the UK and US post-Brexit.

“It seems to have all but stalled, almost as President Obama said the UK has gone to the back of the queue to a degree.

“We heard from a senior Government source yesterday that the ball is now in the US court.

“It is up to the US to make it happen, the UK is clearly pretty keen but Boris Johnson has been making it clear that he does not think that is going to happen anytime soon possibly not in Joe Biden’s Presidency at all.”

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Mr McCaffrey highlighted some of the bigger issues preventing the US and UK from quickly agreeing on a trade deal.

He said: “The White House have got concerns about the Northern Ireland protocol and the impact that could have on the peace process.

“Also interestingly the case of Anne Sacoolas was brought up with President Biden and he did say it was being worked upon and that he is going to follow up.

“This has been a long-running diplomatic row between the two countries.

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In 2016 then-President Barack Obama warned that the UK would be “at the back of the queue” for an agreement.

The chances of a deal appeared to be back on the cards after the election of Mr Obama’s successor Donald Trump.

In 2017 the outspoken Republican claimed that the UK was “first in line” for a deal with the US.

However, it failed to materialise, and with Mr Obama’s vice-president Joe Biden now sitting in the White House – it appears the UK is back in the queue.

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A diplomatic source told the Mirror the chances of the UK and US striking a deal soon.

They said: “There are a variety of different ways to do this.

The question is whether the US administration is ready.

“The ball is in the US’s court. It takes two to tango.”

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