We’ve paid MILLIONS! Britons blast ‘greedy, self obsessed’ France: ‘We owe nothing’

Emmanuel Macron gets mocked on Australian TV

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The Rejoiner took to Twitter to express their belief that France deserves more from the UK. Mia Queef, whose Twitter profile picture shows a woman draped in the EU flag, tweeted: “France a pure EU member, has lost a €90billion contract to build subs because of Brexit.

“The EU must make sure that the UK pays compensation to France and impose a total blockade until the racist UK pays up.”

“Good EU citizens can’t lose out because of Brexit.”

But Express.co.uk readers were quick to pick apart Ms Queef’s tweets.

One wrote: “We’ve paid France millions and they still renegade on their agreements. They are greedy and self obsessed.

“The UK has moved on, we owe them nothing at all.”

Alison2015 wrote: “If she had done her homework she would have realised the French have been messing around with the contract for five years now!

“Obviously I do not expect her to have done her homework.”

Another Express.co.uk reader, I-Claudia referring to Ms Queef’s support for IndyRef2, wrote: “Hilarious – member of the blatantly anti-English SNP accusing the UK of being racist.

“If you love France so much, you know the answer!”

Another reader expressed their concerns about Rejoiners as a whole as TVOReason said: “These Rejoiners are a bunch of racists themselves always BB (Britain bashing) why can’t they just shut up or leave for foreign shore and give us some peace.”

One Express.co.uk reader put forward their belief that Brexit has got nothing to do with the situation at hand.

Prestonfan1 wrote: “This has got nothing to do with Brexit as these clowns suggest.

“It is a decision made first and foremost by Australia, so why has she mentioned Brexit?

“Because the pettiness of these people is beyond comprehension.”

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Ms Queef had tweeted about the UK owing compensation to France following the new trilateral security agreement between the UK, the US and Australia.

But French Foreign Minister, Jean-Yves Le Drian has also shown his distain at the new agreement which is now in place between the three countries.

He said: “It’s a stab in the back.

“We created a relationship of trust with Australia and that trust has been broken.

Another Express.co.uk reader reiterated the feeling that this situation has nothing do with Brexit, as Fred999 said: “First this has absolutely nothing to do with BREXIT.

“Neither Australia (the customer) nor the USA (the main supply contractor) are connected with BREXIT.

“2) The French have doubled the costs of these submarines and also gone back on contractual obligations to build in Australia.

“3) the French have failed to keep to the contractual delivery schedule.”

Dynamo David added: “France owe the UK for all those Exocets they sold to Argentina that sunk British ships.

“France is indebted to UK for rescuing them in two world wars.”

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