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Brits to bask in four days of glorious sun after being battered by severe storms

Brits' luck has finally changed with four days of glorious sunshine to melt away the miserable washout weekend.

Large parts of England were lashed with torrential rain over the weekend after the Met Office issued a 12-hour yellow weather warning for Sunday.

Millions experienced several hours of rain, with the afternoon turning overcast and miserable, dampening any plans before the week of work started again for Monday.

However, this week is looking much brighter with warmer days ahead.

Monday will be the best of them all, followed by Tuesday, with high teens and low 20Cs set for the rest of the week.

And according to the Met Office forecast, most of the UK will see the rays with dry conditions expected for most.

Starting for Monday the lunchtime sun will start with high teens for most and the best weather being directed towards the south of the country.

The southwest, with areas such as Bath, Devon, and Cornwall could see 21C, with the outskirts of London also reaching to low 20s.

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The lowest mercury is found in northern Scotland with 14C, however, the south will still see 18C, the same for northern parts of England.

Tuesday will follow suit with a similar pattern with Birmingham reaching the high spot of 21C in the afternoon, and the East of England and Midlands basking in 20C.

Wednesday and Thursday, although dry, will start to get slightly cooler with mid-teens for most Brits. This is before the mercury will rise again to the high teens for Friday before the weekend.

There may be risks of scattered downpours in England, but it's not believed to be heavy rain or for long periods, with the chance of torrential rain appearing in the northwest later on in the week.

The Met Office forecast reads: "Many areas seeing plenty of sunshine after patchy fog clears. Parts of east and southeast England cloudier with scattered showers. Patchy rain and brisk winds affecting parts of northwest UK."

And for the rest of the week, it adds: "Mostly dry in the south with sunny spells and overnight fog patches. Turning more unsettled and potentially windy elsewhere with rain at times, heaviest and most prolonged in the northwest."

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