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Gable Tostee in fresh Tinder controversy seven years after balcony death

Gable Tostee has become involved in a fresh controversy seven years after his Tinder date, New Zealander Warriena Wright, plunged to her death from his Gold Coast balcony.

The Queensland carpet layer, then 30, was accused of killing Wright but was found not guilty by a jury in 2016.

Tostee, who now goes by the name Eric Thomas, has returned to Tinder and is involved in a dispute with high school drama teacher Sabrina Collins.

Collins told A Current Affair she went to police after receiving abusive text and voice messages from a female friend of Tostee, after they stopped seeing each other.

She said no action was taken by police, prompting her to make two YouTube videos featuring the abusive audio.

She said Tostee then sent her text messages suggesting she was “insane”.

However, Tostee claims she has been the one stalking and harassing him and his friends.

Collins claims she saw Tostee on nine nights over four weekends after they met on the dating app.

“It’s been like a nightmare and it’s taken a year of my life,” she said.

She also claims Tostee allegedly showed her what happened the night Wright died in 2014.

“He was showing me … and then he locked me on the balcony to show me what it was like,” Collins said.

Tostee disputed this and said Collins’ allegations “never happened”.

On the night of Wright’s death, Tostee was recording audio on his phone in which the pair were heard arguing, before his date was pushed out onto the balcony and had the door locked behind her.

The audio was played in the Supreme Court during Tostee’s trial.

Tostee told the court that he and Wright had both been drunk, she kept beating him up and that he forced her onto the balcony – where it’s believed she tried to climb to the floor below when she fell.

Collins said she didn’t recognise Tostee when she first swiped past him on Tinder.

She was “stunned” when a friend told her he was “the balcony guy”.

“And then I just thought, me being me, I’ll just ask him some more questions and you know, just get to know his side of the story,” she said.

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