EU civil war: Guy Verhofstadt’s European army call brutally shut down by fuming MEP

Macron criticised over push for EU army by Italian MEP

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Amid renewed calls for an EU army, Swedish MEP, Charlie Weimers claimed there is no need for a joint force due to NATO. Not only is NATO the ideal group to battle foreign and malicious powers, the MEP attacked his colleague whom he claimed has no interest in protecting the nation-state. Speaking to Express.co.uk, the MEP insisted Mr Verhofstadt wants to take away the power of the people within member states.

The MEP said: “There are already European armies.

“And those are the armies of the members.

“Co-operation should be through NATO primarily.

“And I say that coming from a country, which is not part of NATO, but NATO is the real reason why we have had peace in Europe for 70 years.

“It’s the transatlantic relationship, that really is the biggest reason why Europe and Europeans have been able to live in peace.

“I think people like keeper Guy Verhofstadt tend to pay no attention to the importance of a nation-state, a foundation for democracy, they don’t care whether the population has any say over the political decisions or not.”

If some in Brussels did proceed with their plans for a European army, the MEP said it would damage the transatlantic relationship.

Mr Weimers also warned any plan to create a joint EU force is part of a bid to “decouple” from the US.

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He added: “Despite all their promises that a European army would not duplicate NATO or NATO structures, that would obviously be the case.

“And we know very well there are a lot of continental European politicians that would like nothing else than the decoupling from the United States.

“And I want to, I want this to resist that because that would not be in the interest of Europe.

“They’re also obviously trying to do away with the natural vetoes in foreign policy.

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“They use every crisis and as an excuse to widen the powers of the European Union.”

Following the crisis witnessed in Afghanistan, Mr Verhofstadt once again reopened the debate over an EU army.

He said on August 23: “Afghanistan once more shows armies are crucial to the security of our citizens & allies abroad.

“EU countries need to do that together: cooperate & integrate forces so our people, interests & values are protected

“Think beyond taboos or caricatures: an EU army is common sense!”

Like Mr Verhofstadt, Emmanuel Macron has hinted at the possibility of an EU army and has criticised NATO.

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