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Carnage on Disney ferry as adults fight in front of terrified children

Shocking footage has shown a fight breaking out among adults on board a Disney ferry in front of terrified children.

A fellow tourist filmed the outrageous scenes on board the ferry at the Walt Disney Magic Kingdom theme park in Orlando on Saturday, September 4.

In the footage posted on Instagram, a woman in a grey T-shirt is seen chasing after another woman on the lower deck while a man is trying to push two other female guests away from the argument.

As they shout over each other, a third woman standing near the staircase throws a punch at a blonde woman.

The blonde tourist reacts by launching her backpack as one young girl covers her face in terror.

It is not clear what sparked the brawl.

The ferry, which transports guests between Magic Kingdom and the Transportation and Ticket Center, usually take about 10 minutes and is considered one of the popular ways to get around the theme park.

Viewers were quick to comment on Twitter and condemned the tourists for ruining the "most magical place on Earth".

One said: "Not the happiest place on Earth!"

Another penned: "People have no manners or respect anymore. Morals have been destroyed."

Some parents said they would be staying away from visiting Disneyland after a series of freak incidents happened at the resort recently.

The park's Tom Sawyer Island was forced to shut down on the same day after local police received a call about a "suspicious person" in the afternoon.

A Twitter account dedicated to show the waiting time of rides tweeted on Saturday: "Tom Sawyer Island has been closed after an interruption of 9 minutes.

"Tom Sawyer Island has been temporarily interrupted. On average, an interruption takes 111 minutes."

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