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Sex robot company keen to produce ‘blue alien doll’ after setting up new factory

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A sex robot company is keen to produce a “blue alien doll” after relocating its headquarters.

RealDoll, formerly based in San Marcos, California, the US, moved its factory to Las Vegas in July.

The manufacturer has offered its Instagram followers a glimpse inside the cavernous new building, with hundreds of sex robots lined up and workers busy assembling parts.

It recently posted a picture of dolls hanging from a rack, one of which was painted blue.

RealDoll posted: “They don't get to hang from the ceiling in our new digs, but they do get their own rack!

“Should we make a blue alien doll?”

One user responded: “Sure! How about a pink one? Orange? Green? Fine. Why not seriously consider a leopard doll?

“A tiger doll? How about a mermaid doll? Don't just think outside the box; throw the box away.”

Another asked: “When will you make a doll that can stand on its own two feet?”

RealDoll is “slowly getting production rolling” after the move.

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It has recently shown off some topless male dolls, “oral simulators”, and other designs hanging from chains.

In June, it gave the public a glimpse of Henry, a prototype male sex robot with artificial intelligence.

CEO and founder Matt McMullen said they were working on a “bionic penis” powerful enough to “lift trucks”.

With Henry, buyers will be able to set their "sexual preference" prior to shipping, according to Mr McMullen.

He also said their upcoming model will be available for both men and women.

The CEO explained: “Not only do we need to create a different gender, we also need to create a sexual preference in the profile – and this would be something that would also propagate to the female platform as well.”

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