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You’re more likely to get trampled by cows if you have a dog, expert says

The self-proclaimed 'Dogfather' Graeme Hall warned dog owners of the dangers of taking your pet out on a countryside walk and revealed you're more likely to get trampled by cows if you have a pup.

Fortunately, the presenter of the hit Channel 5 show 'Dogs Behaving (Very) Badly' also gave some advice on how owners can safely walk a pooches in the countryside around livestock.

In a recent episode of his podcast Talking Dogs with Graeme Hall, he gave various pieces of useful advice on topics like how you should act with your pet around cows, if it is safe for dogs to play with sticks as well as the best way to deal with your dog rolling in badger or fox poo.

The National Farmers Union has previously stated that every year, people are trampled by cows. The top dog trainer warned that while the phenomenon is rare, walking a dog greatly increases the chances of that happening.

This is because to cows dogs look like predators, especially to those protecting their calves, TeamDogs reports.

He explained: "If you need to deviate from the footpath and give them a wide berth and then get back to the footpath as soon as it's reasonably possible then it's okay to do that.

"Don't religiously stick to that path and try to split the herd and never ever split a cow from its calf."

It is important to have your dog on the lead around livestock. However, if you do feel threatened that they may run at you, Graeme advised to let your dog off the lead as they will distract them with their agility until you get where you need to be.

However, this should be the only time your dog is off the lead especially in the countryside as there are poisonous plants in these areas.

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Graeme said how during a recent walk in the countryside with his dog, there were around 20 cows between him and the public footpath.

After explaining that going back wasn't an option, he added: "I'm going to have to bite the bullet and walk across this field. They are all standing there smack bang in the middle of the footpath staring at us.

"My plan was if they weren't moving, I would go round the back and give them a wide berth and that's what I did, they didn't move."

The star provided his expert advice to one listener, Laura, who was having issues with her rescue dog, Gromit, eating sticks and having upset stomachs the following day.

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The 54-year-old suggested throwing toys instead of sticks for your dog to chase after, in particular a rubber one that will bounce.

He explained how he wasn't a fan of dogs playing with sticks as every year there are cases where dogs run after sticks, the stick has then landed straight up and when the dog goes to bite it, it goes through the back of their throat.

Another listener, Joe, has an 8eight-month-year-old Labrador who often rolls around in badger poo.

The Yorkshireman explained that dogs do this to disguise their scent as predators and are then able to sneak up on prey as they smell like the natural surroundings.

He added that "Prevention is better than cure " as it is natural for dogs.

To avoid this, you should keep your dog in front of you and when they see poo, recall them and then treat them. To remove it from their fur, proper dog shampoo should be used.

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