‘We would have left before you!’ Nexiteers plead with UK for help to leave ‘rotten’ EU

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In the hope the Netherlands will be free from the EU’s shackles soon, some Nexit campaigners have pleaded with a former British MEP for help. Former Conservative MEP David Bannerman claimed Dutch people “may not be far behind” the UK in their quest to leave the bloc.

Sharing an Express.co.uk article on Twitter, Mr Bannerman wrote: “The Dutch people are very like the British: global-minded, industrious free traders (we learnt from them) who are large net contributors to the EU.

“They may not be far behind us in leaving.”

The message prompted a Nexit enthusiast to plead for support.

Nexit Denktank campaigners replied: “Yes, Adam Smith wrote in 18th century that the Dutch were much better traders than the British.

“But one thing the British are certainly better in is that you are very brave people.

“I hope that we can be just as brave as the British in the decision to leave the EU.”

The British politician went even further as to defend the Dutch eurosceptics after a Twitter user attempted to rebuke his claim.

They wrote: “Sorry but this is wrong. We’d a grievance based on decades of abuse and then we reacted.

“EU countries can’t say we want out because of a difference of opinion.

“If philosophically you differ as we did fine but the Dutch are an integral part of the system and responsible for it.”

To which Mr Bannerman replied: “Rutte was very close to Cameron and quite similar politically. But things are changing. It took us years to see the light; decades arguably. Give people space.”

Others were quick to come in support of the Netherlands leaving the EU soon.

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One Twitter user said: “We have been shouting Nexit since 2002, after the euro made everything more expensive.

“Any time the government asked is for a direction, IT was away from Brussel.

“Just wait, we Will join you as Gallië (Asterix & Obelix) have fought the EU empire many times.”

Another one said: “People that are awake (as opposed to woke 🙂 wanted to leave yesterday.

“Unfortunately the majority are snoozing and haven’t a clue about the EU.”

Someone else added: “If it was up to the people we never would have joined. We voted against!”

And another one echoed: “If it was up to me we would have left before you guys did!

“But our government is too rotten and working all together to keep it this way! We keep paying for this poor country.”

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