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CCTV shows armed thugs smash into house with machete – then slash dog’s eye out

A dad has fled his home with his family after a gang of robbers smashed into his home and held a gun to his head – before slashing his dog's eye out.

Jack Golding was at home with his fiancée Annmarie Behan and their six-month-old son, Arlo, when three men broke in wearing balaclavas at around 12.30 am on Wednesday (August 25).

One carried a machete, another a ratchet, and the third a firearm, Jack told the Manchester Evening News.

In the CCTV, three masked men break through a window at the flat on Lloyds Gardens, Altrincham.

Each man appears to be armed and one is wielding a deadly-looking machete as they advance through the broken window.

Another clip shows Jack holding a baseball bat as he goes to investigate and the family dog, Cilla, also bravely heads towards the commotion.

The trio attacked poor Cilla, leaving her so badly injured she lost her eye as seen in heartbreaking images of deep and bloody cuts to her face in the aftermath of the crime.

Jack said: "I managed to strike one of them with a bat and then they basically chased me down the hallway.

"They cut my dog. She lost her left eye, but she managed to pull through somehow.

"He came towards the baby-gate where me and my fiancée and baby had gone and put a gun to my head and said to give him jewellery and cash, I didn’t have anything there.

"They took a fake Rolex and £30 off the side and then left.

"We’ve had to leave the area, we’ve got nowhere to live. We’re still in shock."

Jack added: "Cilla, my dog, she’s never been aggressive, just a standard pet, always been a family pet.

"Even when she was cut she came back into the bedroom and sat with the baby to protect him. I don’t know how she survived."

A spokesperson for Greater Manchester Police said: "Police were called in the early hours of Wednesday morning (August 25 2021) to a report of a robbery at Lloyd Gardens, Altrincham.

"Officers attended and enquiries established that three men wearing balaclavas forced entry into the address while the occupants were inside.

"The occupant's dog was attacked during the burglary.

"Further enquiries have established a quantity of cash and a gold watch was stolen.

"The investigation is ongoing and no arrests have been made."

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