‘Who are they kidding?’ Dutch PM’s swipe at ‘small’ post-Brexit Britain shot down

EU: Mark Rutte calls for ‘strong Europe in an unstable world’

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The Dutch Prime Minister said the UK would be “weakened” by Brexit. Speaking in 2019, Mr Rutte also claimed Britain would be “too small to appear on the world stage on its own”.

But the Dutch Prime Minister’s previous comments have sparked a strong reaction from this website’s readers.

Commenting on an Express.co.uk story that resurfaced the remarks, one fumed: “Lol, Dutch trying to big themselves up again, we are well ahead of them, who do they think they are kidding?”

Another wrote: “I suppose the bitterness of us leaving will subside over time.”

A third said: “Hahahahaha…Rutte: Britain too small to be big on the world stage?

“The Netherlands aren’t any sort of power on the world stage. Jealous, Mr Rutte?”

Another blasted: “No matter how small you think we are we are still a lot bigger than you.”

A fifth commented: “Oh dear! Do I hear the green voice of envy!!!”

One more added: “Looks like Mr. Rutte was wrong doesn’t it ah well.”

Speaking with Spanish newspaper El Pais in February 2019, Mr Rutte warned that the UK looked to be sliding off the “precipice” towards a no-deal Brexit.

He said: “Who will be left weakened by Brexit is the United Kingdom.

“It is already weakening, it is a waning country compared to two or three years ago.

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“It is going to become an economy of middling size in the Atlantic Ocean.

“It is neither the US nor the EU.

“It is too small to appear on the world stage on its own.”

Mr Rutte also warned hundreds of companies had plans to relocate from Britain.

He said: “We can’t stop them from coming here.

“Every businessman I speak to from the UK is saying they will cut investments, cut their business in the UK.

“It will have an insurmountable impact on the UK.”

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