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Pink-bearded gamer arrested for two child rapes may have more victims – police

Well-known streamer 'Raulzito' is being investigated for the rapes of nine children in Brazil, police said.

The YouTuber and Instagram gamer, full name Raulino de Oliveira Maciel, was arrested on two counts of statutory rape on July 27, but cops say there are now three more investigations into him.

The new probes add seven child victims to his possible charges and take the total to nine.

The alleged rapes took place in the city of Niteroi near Rio di Janeiro, southern Brazil.

His potential crimes are believed to have taken place in the states of Sao Paulo, Paraiba and Santa Catarina.

The two victims in the crimes that led to the suspect's arrest are brothers aged 10 and 11 years old.

If found guilty of statutory rape, Raulzito could face from eight to 15 years in prison.

According to the mother of one victim in another of the cases being investigated, Raulzito's wife often told her and other mothers not to leave their children alone with him.

She told the police she did not initially suspect anything untoward because the gamer "appeared normal" at the time, despite the fact that he had a pink beard and blue hair when arrested.

However, the mother in question now believes his wife probably knew about his crimes. It is not clear if she is being investigated.

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According to the police investigation, the suspect had a well-planned modus operandi, which involved contacting the victims' parents to gain their trust.

Raulzito would then proceed to abuse the victims either in his studio in the city of Sao Paulo or in their parents' homes, cops say.

The police believe he lured the children by offering to help them to become pro gamers, exploiting his mentor status to abuse the young children.

Cops are also investigating whether he committed abuses in the United States, where he once resided.

Technical support assistant Lucas Martinelli Caetano claims to be a victim of Raulzito, saying: "I'm 28 now. The abuse happened when I was about 12.

"He must have been about 20. He used to come here to play video games. It took him a year to make a move.

"He then started and got to the act itself. I never told anyone anything. Today I can talk about it, after a lot of therapy."

Raulzito boasted hundreds of thousands of social media followers at the height of his fame.

He still has over 200k Instagram followers.

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