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Teen ‘furry’ who used to growl at bullies now walks local park as a ‘moon wolf’

An 18-year-old 'furry' who goes by the name of 'Jana Moon' walks around dressed as a wolf with rainbow wings – and growls at her bullies.

Jana Moon says she has had an "obsession with dogs" since she was seven and developed a similar interest in wolves when she was 11.

She spends her days prowling around her local Bedfordshire park in a grey wolf onesie with wings, a budget friendly option she was bought for her birthday – some furry suits can cost between £1,400 and £3,500.

Talking to Bedfordshire Live, Jana said "I went to college and got bullied for being a furry, which I took as offence because I didn't know what it meant.

"But I looked it up and it turns out I am a furry, so I didn't find it offensive and I've just accepted it now."

She added: "People called me it because if I got mad I just growled at people at college – which was a bad idea to do but it was just a coping mechanism for the s*** I have been through.

"It was just natural for me to act like an animal back then.

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"I mainly do it around Bedford Park as I'm more comfortable and if people ask why I'm doing it I can say I'm say I'm trying to help kids smile during Covid. We are pretty much cosplayers but stay in the animal section of it."

Jana says being a furry is good for "escapism" and brings her confidence after having hers was worn down by nasty bullies.

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"When you are around the bullies it can be quite degrading if you are not in costume – my costume gives me confidence and somehow the bullying doesn't affect me when I'm in costume," she said.

"It makes me feel happier, more confident and more positive than normal.

"It makes me feel like I have control over my life – because I have a lack of control now."

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In the past, adults have stopped to take pictures of Jana while she's in her costume, which she said would normally "freak her out" but doesn't bother her anymore.

A few children have laughed too, but usually she claims to get a very positive reaction, stating "the kids smile, the parents smile and there are a lot of smiles all round".

Jana is writing a book about the character Jana Moon a "moon wolf" which she says is "every supernatural character merged into one and taking a wolf form."

A lot of people think that being a furry is something sexual, according to Jana, but most furries are "into the art side".

"That's what my bullies say – they bully me because they think it's a kink when it's not," said Jana.

Jana is currently at college and is hoping to study animation at university.

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