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Evil Christopher Halliwell ‘kept skull, hands and feet of victims as trophies’

Murderer Christopher Halliwell has been accused of keeping a woman's body parts as trophies.

Karen Edwards whose daughter Becky Gooden-Edwards was strangled by Halliwell in January 2003, believes the killer kept hold of her skull, hands, and feet.

Halliwell's crimes went unanswered until 2011 when he was arrested for personal assistant Sian O'Callaghan's disappearance.

By the time Karen was able to see her daughter's remains in 2017, she says the contents recovered did not add up and parts were missing.

She is still chasing answers as to how Becky's body – which Halliwell buried in a Gloucestershire field – did not match the list of the box's contents.

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Karen says she asked funeral director Hillier's what size urn she needed for Becky's remains and gave them permission to open the "sealed box" containing them, The Sun reports.

Inside the box, Karen remembers, were containers of bone fragments and bench debris, small empty bags, and a clear tube with only blue paper inside.

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A colour-coded diagram of the remains provided by police did not match a photo of what was missing in the makeshift grave, Karen said.

Regarding the conversation she had with the funeral director, Karen said: "What I heard was shocking and at that point, I felt sick but I knew I had to check for myself because I have lost all faith in Wiltshire Police.

"There's bits of her all over the place and we don't know where she is, it's disgusting and utterly disgraceful behaviour."

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Evidence revealed by specialists in Halliwell's trial led Karen to believe he personally hacked off Becky's head and extremities because parts were missing and they were too selective to be from an animal.

She also felt accidental destruction by farm machinery would have caused further damage to the body.

Karen said: "This leaves only one option – Halliwell.

"Has he kept these parts as trophies? We know he went back to the site several times."

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A Wiltshire Police spokesman said that they are "working in conjunction with the IOPC to investigate these concerns and make sure Ms Edwards is kept up to date".

It was confirmed earlier this month that Halliwell who is serving two life sentences at HMP Long Lartin in Worcestershire, is being investigated for another unsolved murder.

Julie Finley's naked body was found in a field in Liverpool on August 5, 1994 which new witness statements have led Merseyside Police to Halliwell, the Mirror revealed.

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