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Mum hired farm workers to murder husband’s mistress during bitter divorce battle

An animal rights activist plotted to have her estranged husband's girlfriend murdered.

Jennifer Reba Emmi has been jailed after admitting to trying to hire farm workers to kill a woman her husband of 10 years was seeing.

Emmi's legal team lost their attempt to spare her of prison time which they argued would not give her the help she needs.

But the defendant was judged to still be a risk to public safety and was sentenced at a Colorado, US court on Monday to ten years behind bars minus time served.

Emmi had previously been accused of choking her child, holding a knife to her estranged husband's throat, and threatening to drive into a trailer with one of their kids in.

FoxNews reports that an affidavit describes how Emmi had been charged with 16 felonies and 16 misdemeanours in five separate felony cases.

Each of them "for crimes involving a pattern of domestic violence stalking, assault, child abuse, victim/witness tampering, victim retaliation, attempting to influence public servants, and violating court orders".

The married couple of more than a decade were going through a divorce when the allegations were made.

Speaking for over an hour in court, Emmi's co-counsel M. Colin Bresee revealed how much the 43-year-old had been struggling with illnesses and addictions.

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Bresee said It had been 17 months and 26 days "since Jennifer has been allowed to see her children or hug her children.

"She doesn't need more punishment from this court. She comes before this court begging you for your help.

"Jennifer needs your help, and sentencing her to prison guarantees she won't get the help she needs and she wants."

Emmi's mother, the community, and her divorce attorney also spoke in her support.

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Jefferson County 1st Judicial District Judge Arp said: "You take almost no accountability for your actions and blame your husband au pair.

"I believe you continue to pose a risk to the community and those victims, mostly because you're blaming others, anything and anyone, rather than taking responsibility for your actions."

In July, Bresee confirmed to Fox News that his client had pleaded guilty to trying to hire farm workers to kill her estranged husband’s girlfriend.

According to 9 News, Emmi admitted to the charges of solicitation of second-degree murder, retaliation against a witness or a victim, and stalking.

In turn, prosecutors dropped several charges, including solicitation of first-degree murder, the report states.

Judge Arp also ordered Emmi to serve three years of mandatory parole after release.

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