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Golden retriever meets owner’s kitten for first time and has no idea what to do

An adorable golden retriever’s nervous reaction to seeing her owner’s new kitten has melted the hearts of viewers.

The video, shared by TikToker Katie Squibb, has been seen more than 13 million times since being posted last week.

It shows young pooch Lucy looking completely baffled at the tiny ball of fluff sitting in front of her.

She cautiously walks around the kitten before going to gently paw it – only to back out at the last moment.

The kitten seems completely nonplussed and simply stares at her larger furry friend.

Lucy then moves in close to sniff her before jumping around to try and get some sort of reaction.

The feline seems to meow which leaves the golden retriever even more confused.

Thousands of people have since commented on the clip, with many trying to explain Lucy’s hilarious reaction.

“So cute, the doggy is really trying to be gentle with the little fluffy,” one commented.

Another wrote: “Awww, the dog is trying every dog language ploy and the kitten is like ‘I don’t speak dog’.”

A third asked: “Is the dog aware that they’ve just met the new head of household?”

Other viewers expressed concern over the tiny kitten being hurt by the dog’s antics.

But Lucy said there was nothing to worry about. “I promise the kitten is perfectly safe if anyone is concerned,” she said.

“She has been there for a few days and is doing very well. Lucy is the nicest pup.”

It comes after a golden retriever was filmed sitting in the rain for two hours after his owner pulled a cruel prank.

Double Seven’s priceless reaction has gone viral after being posted on Chinese video sharing site Douyin.

Meanwhile, a blind golden retriever has taken to wearing a “basketball hoop” to stop her bumping into things.

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