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Boy, 14, stabs teens who ‘wouldn’t let him kick their football’ in horror CCTV

Disturbing CCTV shows a 14-year-old boy stabbing two teenagers after they refused to let him and his pals kick their football.

He knifed the 15-year-old victims during a brawl on Liverpool's waterfront involving a large group of youths, the Liverpool ECHO reports.

Footage shared on social media showed the bare-chested lout pull a knife out of a bag, then stab one victim from behind.

But the gutless teen was knocked down by a flurry of quick punches from one brave victim – allowing the two older boys to escape to safety.

Neither the boy, from Walton, nor his two victims can be named because of their age.

Liverpool Youth Court heard the two parties were "complete strangers", with District Judge Wendy Lloyd observing: "What is particularly disturbing about these attacks to the boys, is it was all over nothing at all."

The boy admitted two counts of wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm and having a "black-handled knife with a jagged edge" in public.

Prosecutors said police received reports of a large group of youths – consisting of boys and girls – gathered near the Pump House pub at around 9.45pm, on Friday, July 23 this year.

Rachel Chandler, prosecuting, said Victim A required stitches for one stab wound to the buttocks and also had "several wounds on his stomach".

The court heard Victim B also required stitches for two stab wounds to the buttocks.

The victims told police they had been out with friends in Liverpool city centre and their group was walking towards the Royal Albert Dock "kicking a football between themselves".

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They walked past the boy and his group of male and female friends, who asked if they "could have a kick of their ball", but the victims replied "no".

Ms Chandler told the court: "It is alleged there were then comments towards the victims saying they were gay, as a result of them saying they couldn't kick the ball."

Victim A, who was walking slightly ahead, said he heard these remarks, saw the group confronting Victim B, and feared there would be an attack.

Ms Chandler said he saw a boy in a blue T-shirt, who asked them both "do you have a problem?", but when they said "no", this boy threw a punch at Victim B, who threw punches back to defend himself.

The court heard Victim B was unaware that the defendant – who on the footage of the attack in Salthouse Quay is seen standing behind him – had pulled a knife out and "stabbed him several times in the buttocks" and only realised he had been knifed after the fight.

Victim A saw the boy holding a knife with a blade around six inches long with a jagged edge, like a "steak knife", and saw him stab Victim B with it.

Ms Chandler said Victim A said he punched the boy to get him away, who then lunged at him and stabbed him, before he punched the boy again, knocking him to the ground and "giving him time to escape".

He then helped Victim B run towards the Pump House, where they were helped by members of the public, while the other group fled towards Liverpool One.

District Judge Lloyd said it was a "grave crime", which was "highly likely" to be sent to Liverpool Crown Court for sentence next month, after the Probation Service had prepared a pre-sentence report.

She said: "It seems they were anxious to pick a fight about almost nothing at all.

"And this young man had taken a jagged knife with him."

The boy will next appear at the youth court on September 7.

He was remanded on bail, with conditions to live and sleep at his address, not to enter the area of the Albert Dock, and to comply with a home curfew from 7pm to 7am.

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