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‘Massive failure!’ Ex-US diplomat to Afghanistan challenges Joe Biden – ‘I am ashamed’

BBC Newsnight: Ex-US Dep. Assistant Sec. of Defense says that the evacuation of Afghanistan is “a massive failure by President Biden”

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The former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Afghanistan, Pakistan and Central Asia said withdrawing American troops means “abandoning” allies in the Middle Eastern nation. David Sedney worked at the Pentagon during Barack Obama’s first term as President of the United States.

Speaking on BBC Newsnight, Mr Sedney said President Biden’s decision to redeploy 3,000 troops to help staff in the Afghan embassy was a failure.

“This is a massive failure for President Biden and his administration,” he said.

He added: “It is a humanitarian disaster that is occurring right before our faces.

“It is the end of democracy that the United States, NATO, United Kingdom and others supported.”

Sedney, who worked at the US Defense Department when Joe Biden was Vice President, also challenged the 46th President’s claims that America had returned to the global fore.

“This puts a lie to President Biden’s claim that the US is back,” he said.

In fact, Sedney went as far as to argue the United States are falling even further behind.

He told the BBC’s Faisal Islam: “Actually the United States is going backwards.”

The former President of the American University of Afghanistan in Kabul confounded his criticism of the Biden administration when he said: “I am ashamed of my country.”

The American President has dismissed certain arguments that his intervention is similar to when US troops fled Saigon in 1975.

But Sedney claimed there were more than similarities between the two events.

“Not only are the parallels there”, he said, “that is what is happening right now.”

The US is “abandoning” Afghanistan to “the Taliban and to death”.

In what the ex-diplomat said was a “tragedy” for the Afghan people, he also accused the US Government of trying to shift the burden onto President Ghani.

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Sedney argued: “President Biden’s statement on Tuesday that he had no regrets about his decision was the death knell for the Afghan Government.

“Right now, the US Government is trying to pin the blame on President Ghani and his Government.”

Later on in his discussion with Faisal Islam, Sedney said: “There were massive failures from across the board by the United States and no one should allow the United States to cover up for them.”

While he conceded Taliban defeat would not have been a foregone conclusion if US troops were still stationed in the region, Sedney claimed: “They would have had a chance.”

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