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‘Geronimo-gate shows we still care more about alpacas than kids in this country’

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Never ceases to amaze me that we care more about animals than kids in the UK.

The huge fuss about a bloody alpaca called Geronimo who may or may not have TB is just mad. Front pages of newspapers, marches on Downing Street, Twitter storms…

Meanwhile hundreds of girls raped and abused by grooming gangs in Rotherham was mostly ignored for years.

Twelve-year-old working class, care home kids accused of being “child prostitutes” (there is no such thing, children do not choose to be sex workers) and left to the mercy of vile paedophiles? Nah, nothing to see here.

A walking jumper from posh Gloucestershire? Ooh, this is an outrage. Let’s have a, super-polite, riot. Hunter wellies, banners made from John Lewis sheets and Range Rovers at the ready (and that’s just the ones who live in Islington) we must protest at Boris’ house. Geronimo must be SAVED!

Incredibly more than 100,000 people have signed a petition to save the alpaca and the language used about the bog standard putting to sleep of an animal (it happens EVERY day by the way) is astonishing.

He’s going to be “murdered”, “butchered”, “brutally killed”, “executed”. I mean, what? Hope all those protesting and petitioning never eat any meat then.

Wait till they find out what happens to your average chicken.

Meanwhile oop north (basically a ­foreign country to the home counties set) the original young victims of rape and torture are still suffering to this day.

Their attackers – many of whom were supposedly going to be deported – are now back walking the same streets and bumping into their former prey.

If they dared complain to the adults supposedly caring for them they were accused of being liars.

Those adults who did sit up and take notice of the biggest child protection scandal in UK history were told they were racists because most of the rapists were of Pakistani origin. (Kurdish and Kosovar men were also involved.) An ­estimated 1,400 youngsters aged ­approximately 11-16 had their lives ­ruined. Many of those who fell pregnant then had their babies taken away from them. Into care.

Yes, the very same care that had put them in such danger in the first place.

So forgive me for not getting my ­organically farmed, hand-woven macrame by a Peruvian vegan alpaca knickers in a twist about Geronimo.

I’ll leave that to the likes of Joanna Lumley and Chris Packham.

Oh, and those who have formed a 24-hour, seven-day human shield of “alpaca angels” around a somewhat bemused and grumpy Geronimo’s field.

A ring of steel to protect a potential victim of a “hideous crime”.

Surely you can even hear the hollow laughter echoing from Rotherham’s ­victims all the way down in leafy Gloucestershire.

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