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Satanist parents ‘sacrificed and ate multiple victims in sick rituals’

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A couple are believed to have lured victims into the forest before killing and eating them in twisted satanist rituals.

Moscow-based Andrei Tregubenko and Olga Bolshakova have already confessed to two killings that took place in the Russian regions of Leningrad Oblast and the Karelia Republic in 2016, according to the news site Mash.

According to The News 24, the two 27-year-old victims have been named as Victoria Zaitseva, who was in love with Tregubenko, and Bolshakova's longtime acquaintance Platon Stepanov.

However, investigators apparently suspect the duo have more murders under their belts which they are yet to confess to.

Tregubenko and Bolshakovawas, who are believed to have two young daughters, were originally arrested for a drugs offence but confessed to two counts of murder, dismemberment, and cannibalism at the police station.

Local media claims that the two victims were also passionate about black magic and trusted their suspected killers, but ended up being sacrificed themselves and eaten by the cannibals.

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The couple's children are reportedly being cared for by dad Tregubenko's sister Knesia, who told local media that her brother only became interested in Satanism after meeting Bolshakova.

However, Bolshakova is now blaming her partner for everything that has happened, claiming she started using drugs because of him and that he beats her frequently.

Ksenia has said there are doubts over his involvement in the crimes, and he started cooperating with the police after being informed of his girlfriend’s claims against him.

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The News 24 claimed that before meeting his girlfriend and embarking on a life of satanism, Bolshakova had been an ordinary biker.

His sister also claimed that Bolshakova had kept the unemployed couple afloat by dealing drugs, something she had started to do when she was with her previous boyfriend.

She said: "Olya didn’t really tell me about her past.

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"I know that she has a mother with whom she does not communicate.

"She was not very worried about the children either. She used drugs during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

"Then, when I came to visit them, I found out that she also distributes them."

According to the news site Gazeta, the evil parents were members of a sect and 10 other suspected members have also been arrested as part of the ongoing investigation.

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