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‘Death on the spot’ Woman horrifically mauled by tiger after not realising cage was open

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According to police, the woman died “on the spot” after she walked into the creature’s enclosure without realising the cage door was open. The woman was identified as one of the workers who clean and perform maintenance work in the Chile safari park.

The park is based in Rancagua, around 60 miles away from the country’s capital, Santiago.

Like a safari, the animals roam around most of the time.

Visitors drive through the park as the big cats move about freely.

However, when the park is closed and staff are working, the animals are locked in enclosures.

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The woman entered the tiger’s enclosure and didn’t realise the door to the cage was open.

The tiger “immediately attacked” her.

She died from wounds to her neck, police said.

“She did not realise that the door of the animal’s cage was open and was immediately attacked by this tiger, causing her death on the spot,” Williams Espinoza of the Rancagua police said.

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The victim has not yet been named by the police.

The condition of the Siberian tiger is also unknown.

Jorge Mena of the District Prosecutor’s Office has revealed an investigation has been launched looking into whether a third party was responsible for the tragic death.

The big cat park is shut while the police conduct their investigation.

The Rancagua Safari Park has not responded to a request for a comment.

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