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Ex-squaddie who scared kids in creepy pig mask banned from wearing it in public

A weirdo who terrified children in a sinister pig mask has been banned from wearing it in public.

Steven Evans, 57, approached school pupils as they walked home while wearing the creepy mask and a farmer’s jacket. Parents were left spooked after the “pig man” was spotted lurking near Chase School in Malvern, Worcs, in late 2019.

The school’s head warned people not to approach him and the ex-soldier was held after a police appeal.

At Worcester Magistrates’ Court, Evans was given a criminal behaviour order banning him from wearing any mask or covering in public other than a plain one for Covid protection.

Evans, of Malvern, must not approach or speak to children not accompanied by an adult or go within 300 metres of Chase School between 8am and 6pm.

He is also banned from actions which cause “alarm, harassment or distress”.

Evans, an ex-soldier, sparked terror when he was spotted lurking around school in November and December 2019.

A letter from the 1,500 pupil secondary school stated: "We have been notified by several students and parents of a man acting strangely outside school.

"The man was wearing a full pig mask and approaching students on their way home."

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Local mum, Stacey Lee, 31, said her 11-year-old daughter Misha was too scared to walk to school.

She said: "My daughter Misha took a video when she was walking back from school on her own on November 27.

"I thought it might've been a one-off, but he was back outside the school the next day.

"She sent the video to me on WhatsApp concerned saying 'there's a man in a pig hat.'"He was jumping in front of kids and throwing his arms out to scare them."

Parents were forced to drive their kids to and from school in spite of only living walking distance away.

Evans, who served in the Royal Corps of Signals, has previously been slapped with a public order offence for "impersonating a lollipop lady" when he grabbed crossing guard Trudy Macey's stick on November 11, 2019.

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