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Opinion | New Twists in the Long Pandemic

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To the Editor:

Re “Immunized People Can Spread Virus, the C.D.C. Reports” (front page, July 31):

That vaccinated people with breakthrough infections of the Delta variant can spread the virus just as readily as the unvaccinated is truly upsetting news from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Like a lot of people, I naïvely thought of my vaccination status as carte blanche to return to life in the before Covid times. I’d been showing up at public venues and gatherings proudly showing full face.

Then, a few fully vaccinated friends became infected in Provincetown, Mass., over the July 4 holiday, and that gave me pause. Now, the C.D.C. internal report, which details the unfortunate reality we’re now living through, struck me like a fast-moving train.

The data confirms that we will all have to renegotiate how we publicly navigate a world where the risk posed by Covid-19 is ever-present.

Cody Lyon

To the Editor:

Now is the time to underscore that all Americans, no matter our political preferences, are in the middle of a deadly war against a common enemy: Covid-19 and its variants.

But our country will not win this war against Covid if our leaders do not join forces. For starters, we need both President Biden and Senator Mitch McConnell to speak to the nation, not from the Oval Office, but from the Lincoln Memorial, about the importance of getting vaccinated. And it would not hurt to have a very well-selected group of highly recognizable, charming Americans accompanying them.

This is the kind of immediate step and remedy, from an inspiring nonpartisan place, that could go a long way.

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