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Real-life ghostbuster priest battles ‘paranormal entities’ within homes

A minister has spoken out about his special job within the church – which includes dealing with the "paranormal".

Jason Bray is the vicar of St. Giles in Wrexham, Wales, but also holds another official role within the church – a deliverance minister.

A deliverance minister deals with spirits or presences people may feel in their homes or in themselves.

Jason told Wales Online: "We are the people who deal with the paranormal or things that look like the paranormal so we deal with two sorts of things, one is houses and one is people.

“So people see something that shouldn’t be there in the house, stuff moves around, poltergeist activity… sometimes we get called in because people are seeing shadows, a string of bad luck that they might be associating to something paranormal.”

Jason, 52, grew up in Merthyr Tydfil, his father was a sweet maker and he is now pursuing a very different path being called to people's homes when they report seeing shadows or feeling cold and dark.

Once in the house Jason will sprinkle holy water, bless the house, and talk to the residents about their paranormal problems.

One of the main roles of Jason’s job is to understand if the problem is paranormal or, in some cases, the effects of mental health issues.

He said: “Most of the training we actually go on is about mental illness rather than about spooky stuff – people hear voices and we just need to make sure. 99 times out of 100 it is going to be people suffering from mental illnesses.

“I listen to them, I have worked out from experience whether it is something they are experiencing which is external to them or internal to them.

“Sometimes I get called out to people who are really agitated."

In most cases Jason will still say a prayer and bless the house, even if he might not believe the problem is paranormal.

He explained: “I will still almost always say prayers, I would usually bless the house which gives them reassurance-I am a priest at the end of the day so prayer is a really good thing to do.

“Very often that gives them the reassurance to be able to cope with whatever it is that they are dealing with and if there is something that really shouldn’t be there it will move it on.”

The service is completely free of charge and open to anyone, as you do not have to be a member of the church to access the service, which was a point Jason was keen to stress.

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“When people offer donations I am really reluctant to take them because this is an entirely free service, so you shouldn’t have to pay for it and I don’t want people to even begin to think that they are paying for the service.”

When it comes to criticism or doubts about what he is doing, such as people struggling to believe ghosts and presences to be real, Jason can empathise with them.

He said: “I know that a lot of people are sceptical, I can be fairly sceptical myself about these things, so to some extent I know where they are coming from.”

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