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Loyal guide dog who was going blind didn’t let owner know and kept guiding him

A loyal guide dog who was going blind didn't let his owner know and continued guiding him.

Abel was a golden Labrador who helped his owner Ken Williams commute around the city in the outskirts of Cardiff in the 1970s.

However, the seven-year-old guide dog was slowly turning blind, unbeknownst to Ken, the Mirror reports.

But that didn't stop loyal old Abel as he kept taking Ken out on walks and guided him through the city. He did so by guiding him on his well remembered route, based on all of his other powerful senses.

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Sometimes Ken noticed that Abel seemed to be a bit late in avoiding other people on the pavements, but he never suspected the truth.

Every day, without fail, in rain or shine, Abel guided Ken safely from his home to work, a journey which involved crossing three side roads and a main road into a station where they caught a train.

Once Abel’s condition was realised, the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association arranged a replacement – Gay, a two-year-old black Labrador.

But Ken wasn’t prepared to give up Abel entirely after his medical retirement, so while Gay took over the regular office commute, the trio would go for walks after work with Ken and Abel being led by Gay.

The Daily Mirror pictured Gay in her guide dog harness leading Ken and Abel across a street in 1974.

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