Dawn Butler renews attack on Boris Johnson after Labour MP expelled from Commons

Dawn Butler says Boris Johnson is a ‘serial liar’

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The Labour MP was booted out of the Commons after launching into a brutal tirade aimed at Boris Johnson in which she accused the Prime Minister of lying to the British public and to Parliament. The accusations resulted in the Deputy Speaker booting Ms Butler out of the Chamber but the Labour MP renewed her claims within hours of her expulsion. Speaking to Byline TV, Ms Butler said: “So, I got thrown out of the Chamber and put out of Parliament.

I had to leave the premises because I called Boris Johnson a liar on the floor of the House.

“The thing is, Boris Johnson is a serial liar. That’s been proven time and time again.

“He said, for instance, that the economy has improved 73 percent since the Tories have taken over.

“That’s a lie, it’s only 20 percent. Boris Johnson said that we have severed the link between infection, hospital rates, and death. That’s a lie.”

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Ms Butler continued: “But not only did he lie, he said the scientists had said this and so the scientists had to correct Boris Johnson and said that the link has been weakened.

“Weakened is very different from being severed. I think in ordinary times, you have a Government that are in the main honest and they are principled.

“What we have seen over the last 18 months is a Government that is truly corrupt to the core.

“They will do whatever they want, and whatever they like in order to get their hand on public money and to give that public money to their mates.”

Dawn Butler removed from Chamber for calling PM a liar

She added: “And we’ve seen an erosion of a parliamentary democracy. Let’s not forget that this Government under Boris Johnson went to court to try and close down Parliament and it got overturned because they didn’t want is to have any say in anything they’ve done.”

Express.co.uk contacted Number 10 for comment.

Mr Johnson has been fielding accusations of misleading Parliament since the start of the pandemic.

A Judge’s Order issued in March 2021 found claims Mr Johnson made in the Commons over contracts assigned during the health emergency were not true.


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And earlier this month, the Office for Statistics Regulation (OSR) wrote to Downing Street over misleading comments the Prime Minister made about poverty records in the UK

OSR director-general Ed Humpherson wrote: “Over the last year, a number of concerns have been raised to us regarding the Prime Minister’s use of statistics on child poverty and in each case, we have brought this to the attention of the briefing team in No.10.

“Further concerns were raised to us following Prime Minister’s Questions on 26 May.

“Measuring poverty is complicated and different measures tell different parts of the story.”

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