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Harry ‘will be lost soul’ when novelty of his freedom ‘wears off’, expert claims

Prince Harry is enjoying new found freedoms as a celebrity in the United States but when the “novelty” wears off he will feel like a “lost soul”, said a royal biographer.

The Duke of Sussex has made a new life for himself with Meghan Markle and his children in California and appears to have embraced the Hollywood lifestyle.

He has hung out with celebrity stars and spoken openly on American television about himself and especially the problems he faced within the Royal Family.

But royal author Tom Quinn told a Channel 5 documentary to celebrate Meghan’s 40th birthday on August 4 that Harry may live to regret what he has left behind.

The trade off with his move to the States has been a breakdown in his relationship with the Royal Family and parallels have been drawn with Edward Vlll who abdicated as king to live with American socialite Wallis Simpson.

“Meghan has given Harry the sort of freedom that he probably never imagined that he would be able to enjoy,” Tom told Meghan at 40: The Climb to Power.

“But I think when the novelty wears off, and he realises as his great great uncle Edward Vlll realised, that he will be a lost soul.

“He does have a sort of nominal role in America, a nominal job, but it is very difficult to lead an ordinary life when you are Prince Harry.”

Royal journalist Ashley Pearson feels that Meghan will be seen as the “villain” for having taken Harry away from the UK.

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She told the documentary: “There is very little question in my mind that Meghan will be viewed as a villain.

“What you have to understand is that the British public really loves Harry, they don’t want to see Harry as a betrayer, it’s far easier to blame this other woman who is a foreigner.

“But a lot of people believe that Harry will come back.”

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It is a view shared by fellow pundit Emily Andrews who thinks that Meghan has also left herself open to criticism by complaining about intrusion and at the same time seeking a public life in the US.

She said: “Meghan will continue to be in some sections of the public consciousness and the media, portrayed as this villain that has taken Harry away.

"I personally think that is too simplistic. I think Meghan and Harry were very unhappy in their life so they wanted to make the change to make more positive change."

Meghan at 40: The Climb To Power airs at 9.30pm on Saturday night (July 24) on Channel 5.

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