EU savaged over attempts to steal Northern Ireland from UK in furious Brexit row

EU 'trying' to make Britain 'lose Northern Ireland' says expert

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Think tank Bruges Group’s director Robert Oulds claimed the European Union was attempting to take Northern Ireland from Brexit Britain. During an interview with Express.co.uk, Mr Oulds the co-author of Moralitis: A Cultural Virus alongside Dr Niall McCrae, argued the EU was still trying to punish the UK for Brexit. He questioned the EU’s current stance on trade between Northern Ireland and the rest of Great Britain.

He claimed the EU does not check goods for safety regularly when trading with other countries and this stale-mate with the UK is to punish the nation.

Mr Oulds said: “The EU say they are concerned that Britain would undercut them.

“That Britain would be more competitive and its regulation would be more efficient.

“That the UK would more competitively be able to put goods into the market of the European Union and undermine their producers, that is what they claim.”

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Mr Oulds reiterated that the EU trades globally with many nations and checks are not normally very vigorous.

He continued: “Other countries export to the EU, there is a great deal of trade.

“It passes from country to country, it isn’t necessarily checked, often it isn’t.

“It is often just waved through or exporters need to produce the proper documentation and importers pay the necessary VAT and customs duties where necessary.

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“Often things just pass through without safety checks.”

Mr Oulds also lashed out at the EU and accused them of attempting to punish the UK for Brexit.

He said: “This is done especially for Britain, to make us pay.

“The EU are trying to make us lose Northern Ireland.

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“The EU used the Republic of Ireland in this measure which was actually completely counterproductive.

“I don’t think many Irish people actually support what was being done in their countries name because they knew the effect it would have on people just across the border in Northern Ireland.

“Irish people know that the EU want to stir up the conflict that has been almost been reignited in Northern Ireland.

“Loyalist protestors simply resent being separated, in trade terms, from mainland Great Britain.”

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