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Bloke proposes to girlfriend in front of packed baseball stadium and she legs it

Public proposals of marriage can be very romantic. As long as they go the way everyone wants them to.

But for one would-be Romeo, a baseball stadium turned into a torture chamber after he went down on one knee in front of the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with – only for his beloved to take off like a frightened rabbit.

The tragic incident unfolded during a recent minor league baseball game at Polar Park in Massachusetts, USA.

The Worcester Red Sox were taking on a team from Scranton when the man walked out on to the field and presented the un-named woman we assume was his girlfriend with a small jewellery box.

The stadium’s kiss-cam operators quickly picked up on the moment and threw the video up on the stadium’s giant screen.

But instead of gleefully accepting the proposal, the ambushed woman put her hands up and slowly backed away, before doing a runner through the stadium crowd.

The cheers echoing around the 9,000-capacity stadium turned to gasps and occasional cries of “oh my God” as the woman turned her suitor down flat.

The poor man’s face fell as he realised his romantic gesture was not going down the way he expected.

The stunned bloke remained on one knee for an agonisingly long time, unsure what to do with himself.

Videos of the tragic incident soon started popping up on social media, with plenty of people commenting on the heartbreaking proposal fail.

Twitter user Chris Strong said that you should only opt for a public proposal if you're 100% confident that it was what the other person wanted.

“You should know what the answer is gonna be before proposing,” he tweeted.

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“It shouldn't be a surprise, just the when and where.”

Jillian Fisher wisely commented: "it’s … important that we all agree to end stadium proposals.”

The poor bloke wasn’t the only loser on the night. Worcester were beaten by rivals the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre RailRiders 11-3.

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