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Smoky skies causing flight delays at Denver International Airport

Wildfire smoke moving in from the Pacific Northwest is causing delays at Denver International Airport, officials said Monday morning.

About 200 flights had been delayed and eight canceled as of 10:30 a.m., according to a flight tracking website. DIA spokesperson Alex Renteria said smoke is a factor.

“The FAA has implemented a traffic management program for arriving flights due to the haze (and) smoke,” Renteria wrote in an email. “Delays are caused by the planes having to be spaced out due to visibility.”

Southwest Airlines accounted for 81 of the delayed flights. Another 46 are SkyWest flights and 24 are United Airlines flights, according to the tracking website.

The National Weather Service anticipates the smoke will continue moving into Colorado through Monday.

“It will remain mostly aloft but be very noticeable at sunrise and sunset especially,” the NWS office in Boulder tweeted Sunday.


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