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Parents pulling kids out of school early to avoid ‘Pingdemic’ and save holidays

Worried parents are keeping their children off school to avoid the risk of being told to self-isolate by NHS Track and Trace prior to the summer holidays, it has been revealed.

The NHS Track and Trace app told 520,194 people to stay at home in one week at its record high.

There are currently an estimated whopping two million Brits unable to leave their home due to self-isolation.

Testing labs have been working tirelessly as vast numbers of people have been advised to take PCR tests, which are now in short supply in some areas.

The Mail on Sunday reports that despite the months of disruption to their children's education, some parents are unwilling to cancel their summer holiday plans on the basis that a child was in the same 'bubble' as a pupil who tested positive.

Almost a tenth of all schoolchildren, 750,000, were isolating last week after coming into contact with a Covid case.

Director of Policy at the National Association of School and College Leaders James Bowen said: "We are picking up on reports of parents saying they will keep their child off school to avoid being asked to self-isolate during the school holidays.”

Geoff Barton, general secretary of the Association of School and College Leaders, said that the association was "concerned" about term ending prematurely for some pupils.

He added: "We are not casting blame on parents, because we understand the importance of holidays after such a torrid year.

"But we would encourage attendance where children are not ill or self-isolating.”

One mum said that as school lessons begin to "wind down" she is "not feeling guilty about them losing out on anything" by keeping them from school.

Another mum from Wales said that she is not taking the risk of her kids catching Covid as case numbers continue to rise.

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The 'Pingdemic' has also caused many members of staff in pubs, factories, hospitals and airports to self-isolate, leaving the businesses understaffed.

Self-isolation disruptions have also caused some tube lines to be suspended due to shortage of staff and ground the filming of the second season of Bridgerton to a halt.

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