Anna Soubry brands Conservatives the Brexit Party – accuses ‘Trumpian-type style’

Foreign aid cut defended by Conservative MP George Freeman

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Anna Soubry has hit out at the Conservative Party and suggested it is now after popularity instead of upholding its core values. Speaking to BBC Newsnight’s Emily Maitlis, Ms Soubry drew a comparison between the Conservatives and the Brexit Party – now renamed Reform UK.

She said: “There has been a huge change in the Conservative Party.

“It marches now to a very different drum beat than it did under either Theresa May or David Cameron, or indeed any other Prime Minister.

“So, it’s now the Brexit Party, effectively, but with this populist, Trumpian-type style.”

She added: “What’s happened is that the Conservative Party has lost its moral compass.

“And as soon as you lose your moral compass then you fall on ‘well, what’s the popular thing to do?’, as opposed to saying ‘what are out values? what is the right thing to do?’”

BBC Newsnight viewers took to Twitter to initiate a debate about the former MP’s incendiary remarks.

One person wrote: “She will no doubt be ridiculed by No 10, but she has a point.

“They spend too much time propagandising, telling us what a great future we have.

“Levelling up should mean spending equal amounts in all regions, not pennies for some and billions for London infrastructure.”

Referring to Boris Johnson, another user said: “Fully agree and sincerely hoping that the vaccine bounce fog will clear soon so that he’s seen for the trolley he is.”

A third commenter added: “’Vaccine bounce’ has become completely meaningless anyway.

“The whole point of it was that it was supposed to protect Britain much more quickly than any other country from Covid – we’re now seeing that GB has more Covid cases than any country in Europe.”

Some users directed the criticism back to Ms Soubry, with one person saying: “No sympathy with Anna Soubry who supported all the Tories Austerity and savage cuts.”

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