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Woman with swastika tattoo on bum and Hitler’s face on hand horrifies beachgoers

A woman with a swastika tattoo on her bum and Hitler's portrait on her hand has horrified beachgoers in Ukraine.

"Jaws dropped" as the heavily tattooed woman was spotted on a beach in the Black Sea resort city of Odesa two days ago.

Pictures of the unnamed beachgoer have been anonymously posted online.

She can be seen walking among parasols in a blue swim thong and red top with some pictures showing her from behind with a big swastika inked on her right buttock.

A portrait of Adolf Hitler is seen to be applied on the skin of her right hand.

''Like everyone else, my jaw dropped when I saw the girl’s choice of inks," an onlooker said.

According to witnesses, the tattooed woman had to withdraw from the beach quite soon after her arrival as other beachgoers began to express disapproval of the images.

She left the place, possibly leaving many to muse on the idea of her another tattoo that was inked above her crotch and almost fully hidden behind her swim thong.

The propaganda of Nazism and Nazi symbols is prohibited and regarded as a criminal offence that carries a maximum punishment of five years in prison in Ukraine.

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Police have not commented on the incident which was condemned by internet users.

Social media user Poshla said: ''I don't want to lose hope that she is a fan of Karlsson and that this is just a failed drawing of his propeller.''

While Edik Kononenko summed up: ''If she wanted to draw attention to her bum, she succeeded.''

Last month a court was told that a neo-Nazi had a swastika tattooed on his testicles.

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The 29-year-old, from Sankt Veit an der Glan, Austria, claimed he got drunk and asked his brother to ink the banned symbol onto his scrotum.

Klagenfurt District Court in Austria heard how he regularly downed Hitler-branded wine and posted Third Reich propaganda online.

After his arrest, police also discovered photos of the man posing in front of Nazi memorabilia at the Bunkermuseum Wurzenpass and an illegal firearm.

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The court was told how, on the night of the bizarre incident, he necked nearly two bottles of whiskey before letting his brother loose on his testicles.

He reportedly shared an image of the work online and showed army colleagues when he was hammered.

The defendant, who could not be named due to local privacy laws in Austria, was previously banged up for two years for ABH after a fight at a festival in his hometown.

During his trial, the man claimed he was "sorry" and "embarrassed" by his past conduct.

"I just got in with bad company," he told the court.

"For us, anything that wasn't allowed was something we gravitated towards, but we all underestimated enormously how much a mistake this was."

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