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Meghan Markle fans’ joy as Priyanka Chopra ‘blanks Kate Middleton’ at Wimbledon

Meghan Markle fans have taken great pleasure in a viral clip of a pal of the Duchess' seemingly snubbing Kate Middleton and Prince William.

Actress Priyanka Chopra has delighted Meghan Markle fans by apparently “snubbing” Prince William and wife, Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge as they entered the Royal Box at Wimbledon on Saturday, ahead of the Women’s Singles Final

Priyanka is known to be friendly with the Duchess of Sussex. The pair reportedly met in 2016 at the Elle Women in Television dinner in Los Angeles, and Meghan later told reporters that the pair "just clicked" and their friendship was an "easy, natural progression".

For her part the former Miss World said in 2018 that Meghan is a "relatable young woman” and predicted she would be “a princess for the people”.

While the video clip circulating widely on social media suggests that the Baywatch actress simply hadn’t noticed Wills and Kate’s entrance, #TeamSussex fans on social media took great pleasure in the moment.

One Twitter user, who goes by the name Ruru, posted the clip and commented: “it's Priyanka Chopra not applauding to the Prince's arrival for me … she literally said, ‘who?, anyway lemme fix my dress first’”.

They added that when Priyanka Chopra was interviewed by US talk show host Wendy Williams, she corrected the description of Meghan from “Prince Harry’s girlfriend” pointing out that the Suits star was a successful woman in her own right.

“She is truly a feminist, a women's women and we love to see it,” Ruru commented approvingly.

Replying, another Twitter user identified the person sitting next to Priyanka as Scottish-born singer Lulu, whose Old Etonian son Jordan Frieda controversially played William in an American TV movie about the young prince’s life.

Neither of them appeared to notice the Duke and Duchess coming into the Royal Box either.

In fact, as several commenters pointed out, several people in the Royal Box hadn’t applauded as Wills and Kate made their entrance and pointed out that singling out Priyanka, whether positively or negatively, wasn’t entirely fair.

One Twitter user wrote: "Martina Navratilova didn't bother clapping either, there's a good few who didn’t considering Kate is the patron at Wimbledon, those professional legends in the box didn't bother clapping…"

Another added: : "A lot of people are not clapping. Why only see Priyanka?"

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