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Four teens died in fireball crash as drink driver ploughed into home at ‘120mph’

Four young men lost their lives after one of them crashed his car into a house while drunk and speeding at 120mph.

The friends were driving along the A4 in Wiltshire when the vehicle left the road, ploughed into a house and then burst into flames.

Ryan Nelson, 20, Corey Owen, 19, Matthew Parke, 19, and Jordan Rawlings, 20, were all killed in the horror smash last year.

Ryan, Corey, and Matthew died in the accident last August after enjoying a night out together, an inquest heard on Tuesday.

The court heard that the car could have been speeding at 120mph moments before, and the driver, Jordan, was over the legal alcohol limit.

Snapchat clips sent by the young men before the smash was used by accident investigators to determine where they were in the car and the speed of the vehicle.

Stephen Spenner, police accident investigator, said they left Pewsham Roundabout at 80mph and could have been speeding at 120mph before ploughing into the house.

The wheel of the two-door VW Polo was ripped off as it tore through a hedge.

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Margaret Carnegie was woken by a loud bang that shook the house after the car crashed into her property.

A passing lorry driver, taxi driver, and his passengers raced to help the young men in desperate attempts to save them.

Witness accounts told Wiltshire Coroner's Court they heard screams from the burning car but were forced back due to the extreme heat of the blaze.

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One of the taxi passengers tried to get the car window open but the rubber had melted and he burned his hand trying to save the four men.

Corey's mother, Tessa, said in a statement: "Corey was my first son, best friend, and man about the house.

"The bond we shared was incredibly close. He was a sensible reliable young man mature beyond his years.

"When died was in process of applying for university.

"The night he died shouldn't have been in Wiltshire. He was due to go on a weekend away but couldn't get time off.

"He was a person brothers and sisters looked up to do right thing."

A statement on behalf of Matthew Park's family added: "He was never one to be happy in own company.

"As he got older, he needed to be in company and had people around him.

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"He became very motivated and ambitious. He did have an attitude – he chose to work hard and play hard.

"He was going to go to university and start degree in business management. He wanted to stay in touch with old friends and share with him experiences of Swansea.

Coroner Ian Singleton ruled Ryan, Corey and Matthew's death as an accident, and detailed Ryan and Matthew's cause of death being suffocation due to the fumes and hot air inhalation after the crash.

Corey Owen's cause of death was listed as head injury due to the collision.

An inquest into the driver, Jordan Rawling, is set to take place next week.

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