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Mum bares all and strips off to paint naked body with England footie kit

A mum-of-three went out of her way to support our finest when she painted her naked body with the England football jersey ahead of their Euro 2020 semi-final on Wednesday.

Lyndzi Harding, 35, stepped out of her comfort zone and left very little to the imagination to become a human canvas for the Three Lion's national strip before the team's match against Denmark.

Her torso, chest and arms were decorated with the England colours, while she had the number 10 – worn by Raheem Sterling – on her back.

Lyndzi even did the school run afterwards – with a layer on top – but she opted not to wear the painted shirt as she watched Gareth Southgate's men reach the Euro 2020 final.

Artist Sarah Patterson, 37, painted the impressive design using England's current jersey as inspiration.

Her handiwork took an hour and a half to paint the shirt onto Lyndzi in her kitchen, before sharing her work on Instagram and Facebook.

Patterson, from Norfolk, said: "I'm getting messages from people wanting it for the final on Sunday.

"I'm also looking to get three girls to be three lions for the final."

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Patterson has five years of experience with bodypainting and has worked at famous festivals and clubs, including Annabel's in London.

She said: "It's the best job. I started off face painting my kids and it grew from there.

"I hadn't worked since March last year because of the lockdown, I thought I might have lost my touch!"

In other news of footie-mad mums, blogger, Jessie Collins penned a witty letter to her kids' teachers after letting them stay up later than usual to watch England play Denmark in the Euro 2020 semi-finals.

The 28-year-old paediatric emergency nurse believes mums and dads should bend the rules during t tournament.

She's let her football-mad son Charlie, eight, and his little sister, five, stay up to watch England play.

And as "it's coming home", she "couldn't refuse" her kids' excitement.

Footie fans took to the streets in their thousands to celebrate England taking home the win last night, as the team look towards facing Italy in the final on Sunday.

Photos of wild Brits partying it up and down the country saw them belt "football's coming home" well into the night.

Some supporters even scaled a double-decker bus in London and waved St George's flags after the tense game.

Southgate praised the Danes for an "incredible tournament" but insisted his players had earned their place in the final.

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