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BBC Weather: Extreme heatwave to hit Europe this weekend as temperatures in Spain near 50C

BBC Weather forecasts rising temperatures across Europe

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Extreme weather will hit Europe this weekend, with Spain seeing the highest heatwave temperatures. Madrid will reach 42C by Sunday, according to the latest BBC weather forecast. This comes as much of northern Europe, including the UK, continues to struggle with heavy rain.

BBC meteorologist Chris Fawkes warned that temperatures will be “pushing into the low-40s over the next few days” in Madrid.

Other parts of Spain could see temperatures near 50C according to Spain’s own weather service.

AEMET reported that Andalusia will see “historically high” temperatures this weekend, with Malaga and Almeria to experience the highest.

Temperatures as high as 47 degrees have been predicted for some areas of Andalusia in southern Spain.

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AEMET has issued heat warnings to residents across Spain, with the heatwave set to peak on Sunday.

However, the heatwave is expected to end by Tuesday, with temperatures returning to a more normal level for the rest of July.

For the rest of Europe, Mr Fawkes told BBC viewers: “The outlook for London and Paris is similar, saying in the low to mid-20s, with some sunny spells and some showers around.

“The satellite picture shows big thunderstorms break out across Central Europe.

BBC Weather forecasts temperatures to soar across Europe

“The storms are in Germany and Switzerland because we have fresh air working its way into Western Europe and hot air still in Eastern Europe.

“That contrast is producing this weather front and those big thunderstorms which will continue to affect parts of Germany, before moving eastwards into Poland, Hungary and Latvia.

“South-east Europe is hot. 38C in Nicosia. We have some of that heat in Greece, where it is 34C in Athens. Some sunshine also across the Balkans.”


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Mr Fawkes added: “But, from Hungary northwards, we are likely to see those big downpours break out, with some localised flooding and a lot of thunder and lightning around as well.

“Heavy rain, some of that thundery, moves into northern parts of Europe as we move into Saturday.”

The UK is also expected to see a rise in temperatures next week, with a fortnight of summer sun forecast from the middle of July.

The Met Office forecast a two-week hot spell, which will coincide with the July 19 ending of lockdown restrictions.

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