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Vegan activist storms KFC and pours red paint in front of stunned diners

A vegan activist has caused a stir at a KFC restaurant when they stormed into the store calling customers "animal abusers" and pouring red paint all over the floor.

Tash Peterson, from Perth, Australia, stormed into the fried chicken fast food chain holding placards and playing videos of animal being killed at slaughterhouses.

In the video she posted on Instagram, Tash, who dresses up in a white jumpsuit covered in fake blood, walks into the outlet holding a megaphone.

As she approaches the order counter, she pours red paint on the floor and makes a circle before she is flanked by other activists holding signs and a large TV screen.

She stands in the centre of the circle while a group of customers lining up in an ordering queue watch on.

The serial protester wrote in her post: "KFC are animal abusers.

"The world's longest and largest holocaust in history is happening right now in the meat, dairy and egg industries.

"Non human animals are enslaved in concentration prisons where they are subjected to rape, torture, abuse and mutilation before they're sent to murder factories where they are brutally murdered as babies (gas chambers, electrocution, bolt gunning and throat slitting).

"If you're not vegan, you're an animal abuser. Abolish animal slavery, end the animal holocaust."

A woman later confronted with her and can be heard saying: "No wonder people hate vegans."

After more than 10 minutes of protesting, police arrived and spoke to the group.

The officer told the activists they had "made their point" and asked them to move along.

Last month, Tash was banned from entering all pubs in her native state and was slapped with a Barring Notice after protesting at a seafood restaurant for calling the fishing industry the "largest Holocaust in history".

She called the diners "animal abusers" and chanted: "Fish want to live, fish feel pain, just like us!"

She could face a AUD $10,000 fine (£5,400) if she steps foot in another venue in Western Australia where alcohol is sold.

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