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Stalker tracked ex and sent long-range photos he’d taken while she was alone

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A woman has revealed the lengths her ex went to stalk her, including installing a tracker on her car and taking super long-range photos of her when she's alone.

The court heard that David Malone, 50, snapped a chilling picture of Bethany Eagle, 39, from afar, while she was on a cliff.

This happened during a time in Bethany's life which was described as a long period of control as Malone tried to interfere with every aspect of her life.

Malone pleaded guilty to stalking at the Cornwall Magistrates Court where he was fined £1,600 and ordered to pay court-related fees of £245.

He was also served a restraining order and is prevented from contacting Bethany in any way whatsoever.

Bethany discovered that Malone had hidden a tracker in her car when she took her BMW to the shop for some repairs.

She said: "I took my BMW to the garage and the man came out and said 'you know you've got a tracker on your car?

"I just wanted to throw up – I couldn't comprehend it at all. He then said it wasn't an official tracking device – they're just stuck on.

"It lets him know when I'm turning the engine on, and it lets I know when I turn it off"

Malone had also had another key made to take her vehicle off the driveway from somewhere she was staying to get away from him.

Even when not together, Malone would follow Bethany while she was out running.

She said that she suddenly saw Malone in a car park and sprinted up the cliffs at Watergate Bay near Newquay in Cornwall to get away from him.

But days later, she received a circled photo of her on the cliff with the caption "that is you btw"

Cleaning company owner Bethany, describing the photo incident, said: "I ran there all the time, so I don't know how many times he was watching.

"I was coming across the car park, and I saw him. I looked up and saw a person and thought 'oh my god' – I knew it was him.

"Days later he sent me the photo circling me saying 'that is you btw'.

"The whole thing has left me going mental. I've been so paranoid, so jumpy. My boyfriend has to announce himself when he walks into the house.

"Every morning, every night, I would be certain I'm being watched.

"I was having night terrors – waking up screaming, having counselling, just basically losing my marbles.

Bethany had moved in with Malone after leaving her own place that she'd been living in for five years. Since then, she tried to escape him, but could never fully do so.

Once when she went on a holiday, he sent her a bunch of flowers to remind her that she could never truly escape.

Bethany felt that Malone's punishment could have been more severe, but she hopes that her experience can help other people seek help from potential stalkers.

"I didn't know anybody would listen or give a crap," she said. "But men need to know this is actually illegal."

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