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Covid 19 coronavirus: Another case recorded in Queensland, miner had returned from working in Northern Territory

Queensland Health has reported another case of Covid-19 in the community tonight.

It is the third community case in the state in past 24 hours.

“This afternoon, Queensland Health has identified a further case of Covid-19 in the community,” the department said in a statement.

“The case was a miner who had returned from working in the Northern Territory, transited through Brisbane Airport on Friday night and travelled to the Sunshine Coast.

“The mine worker was infectious in the community for around a day.

“The case is on top of the two community-acquired cases identified this morning and will be included in tomorrow’s case numbers.”

Australia’s Covid battle has significantly worsened in the past 24 hours, as multiple states and territories respond to new cases and expanding contacts.

The Northern Territory, Western Australia and Queensland joined New South Wales in implementing restrictions as health authorities battle surging case numbers.

New cases connected to an infected miner in the NT sparked a snap 48-hour lockdown in Darwin, Palmerston and Litchfield, with residents only allowed to leave their home for five reasons: to seek medical treatment, to purchase essential goods and services, for essential work, to undertake one hour of exercise or to give care.

In Western Australia, a traveller from Sydney has also tested positive for what authorities believe is the Delta variant. As a result, the state has reinstated new restrictions across the Perth and Peel areas.

Meanwhile, New South Wales has recorded a further 30 cases, with the total number of infections in the state currently at 102. Despite this, Premier Gladys Berejiklian said larger daily figures will likely be reported in the coming days.

“We do anticipate that in the next few days, case numbers are likely to increase even beyond what we have seen today,” she said.

“We are seeing that people in isolation, unfortunately, would have already transmitted to all their house contacts.”

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