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Denver weather: Thunderstorms, cooler temperatures expected this weekend

Thanks to upper-level troughs and a cold front coming across Colorado, cooler temperatures and much-needed rain are coming into the Denver area starting Friday. The National Weather Service in Boulder forecasts the conditions will stay throughout the weekend, providing a break from the hot conditions that lingered earlier in the week.

Friday’s high is only expected to hit 77 degrees under partly sunny skies. There is a 30% chance of rain before 2 p.m., with an increased chance of thunderstorms later in the afternoon.

“We’ve seen a pattern changed,” NWS meteorologist Jim Kalina said. “We’ve been under a higher range of pressure.” With the approaching cold front coming down, there’s a better chance of severe weather in the higher terrain and the plains.

“It’s going to be quite different from what we’ve seen,” Kalina said.

Rain and thunderstorms may continue through Friday evening with a 70% chance of precipitation and a low of 56 degrees. By nighttime, the trough will be heading south, according to NWS.

Saturday is predicted to be even cooler with a high of 71 degrees under mostly cloudy skies. Rain and thunderstorms remain in the forecast for the afternoon, and wind gust will speed up to 15 mph. Higher terrain will more likely experience more precipitation than the plains. Saturday night will see a low of 53 degrees.

The best chance for rain Sunday will be during the morning hours, as sunshine will make a comeback to end the weekend. The high will reach 73 degrees under mostly sunny skies in the afternoon. However, there will be a 50% chance of thunderstorms that day. Sunday night will see a low of 53 degrees with possible thunderstorms.

Monday and Tuesday may be the last days to continue the pattern with a chance of thunderstorms and predicted highs in the low to mid-70s.

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