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One more CU Boulder student arrested in connection with University Hill riot

Another University of Colorado Boulder student has been charged in connection with the University Hill riot in March, the 10th person to be charged in connection with the case.

Connor Cahill McGrath, 19, was arrested Monday on suspicion of engaging in a riot, violation of a public health order and obstructing government, according to Boulder County Jail logs.

An estimated 500 to 800 college-aged people gathered near Pennsylvania Avenue and 10th Street on March 6 in a large outdoor party that became destructive, with people flipping a car and damaging other vehicles and property.

A Boulder armored SWAT vehicle eventually arrived on scene to disperse the crowd, but the truck was damaged and three officers suffered minor injuries.

A Boulder fire engine was also damaged during the incident.

Police put out numerous photos and videos of people engaging in the riot, and according to the arrest affidavit, tips identified McGrath as one of the people who can be seen in a video jumping on and riding the fire engine.

Boulder police have already arrested nine others in the case: Patrick Benz, 19; Boland Dodge, 21; Brandon Hoover, 24; Eric Hoover, 24; Garrett Doyle, 22; Parker Clemons, 20; Henry Chardack, 20, Thomas Shade, 19; and Sam Tilley, 20.

Brandon Hoover, Eric Hoover and Doyle are the only ones who were not CU Boulder students at the time of the riot.

The cases for all 10 defendants remain pending, with only Benz set for trial on his misdemeanor case.

In a hearing on Friday, attorneys for Dodge and Clemons indicated they have just recently received more than 200 pages of new evidence from prosecutors.

As for the university, according to its online dashboard CU Boulder so far has had 96 referrals related to the incident, and has issued four suspensions and 43 probationary sentences.

No expulsions have been issued yet, but several attorneys for defendants charged in the case have indicated they thought expulsions could be imminent.

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