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Auckland CBD overdose: ESR testing seized substance, patients recovering in hospital

The drug behind a public overdose in downtown Auckland yesterday is now being forensically examined by government scientists.

Police have this morning confirmed the seized substance that caused three people to overdose outside Auckland’s SkyCity yesterday morning has been sent to ESR for testing, a police media spokesperson said.

Meanwhile the three people – two men and a woman – who are believed to have overdosed on a synthetic substance are now recovering in Auckland Hospital.

In a statement yesterday, SkyCity said St John and Police were called after a staff member noticed three people were unwell.

“The three people were transported to hospital by ambulance.

“The matter is now in the hands of police.”

Police and multiple ambulances responded to the incident about 8.30am.

Witnesses reported seeing people having seizures and passing out.

“They just passed out. It wasn’t good. They were incoherent, put it that way,” a man sitting outside SkyCity asking for change said.

Last month Wellington Police warned members of the public about a rare and highly dangerous methamphetamine-like substitute called Isopropylbenzylamine that might be doing the rounds.

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