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Snake spotted slithering down train carriage leaving Brit passengers terrified

This is the terrifying moment a bright orange snake was caught slithering through the aisles of a train.

The unusual customer was found slithering underneath a seat on a train travelling from Nottingham to Cardiff on Monday (June 14).

Police found the reptile after reports that a snake was moving through the aisles of a carriage which stopped at Gloucester.

The bright-coloured serpent has distinctive orange, pink and while colour evenly spaced in bands from top to bottom.

It is seen emerging from behind a seat and slowly making its across the floor.

British Transport Police and the RSPCA attended to the sneaky reptile and managed to get it safely into a box and removed from the train.

CrossCountry tweeted: "Snakes on a Train, the sequel to Snakes on a Plane that nobody asked for!

"Thanks to @BTP and @RSPCA_official for safely removing our slippery friend."

British Transport Police were initially deployed alongside Gloucester City Police and police dogs in searching the train for the reptile, but there was no sign of one on board at the time.

British Transport Police previously tweeted: "No two days the same.

"First call of the day report of a snake on a CrossCountry UK train between Nottingham and Cardiff.

"Train searched at Gloucester with help from @Glos_Police and @GlosPolDogs. No trace of this slippery customer! #joblikenoother #snakesonatrain."

Some viewers asked if it could be a venomous snake and one reptile expert replied: "Looks like an albino milk snake.

"These are pretty rare in the wild, so this one was most likely bred to look like this.

"They are non-venomous and harmless to humans. Albinos are also expensive, so if this snake has an owner, let's hope they're found.

"This is a gorgeous animal!"

Another said: "Oh wow, what a beauty! I hope he/she reunites with its owner."

A third added: "I’m terrified of snakes. I’m glad I wasn’t on your train and could have been, but postponed my journey, thank goodness I did!"

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