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UK weather forecast: Britain braced as 34C blast turns Europe BLACK in startling charts

BBC Weather: Temperatures to soar for ‘hottest day of the year’

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The UK will be impacted by the continental heatwave, with maximum temperatures of 28C expected next week. WXCharts forecasts temperatures in the high-20s for much of the south-east of England on Wednesday.

Temperatures will hit 28C around London, 25C in other parts of the south and in inland areas in East Anglia, and low-20s across much of the rest of the country.

The only areas to escape high temperatures are coastal English areas, as well as parts of Wales and much of Scotland.

A temperature anomaly chart, indicating how much hotter temperatures will be than usual, shows England tun red and parts of Europe turn black.

The red indicates temperatures will be between 2C and 8C higher than usual in much of England.

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The dark red and black colours in Europe, with France particularly hit, indicate temperatures as much as 10C or 12C hotter.

In Nantes, the predicted 34C (93.2F) heat is almost 13C (55.4F) higher than the typical daily high of 21.6C (70.9F) that the city usually sees in June.

People living in the southern French cities of Marseille and Toulouse will also be running for the shade as the mercury tips at least 30C (80.6F).

This is nearly 10C (50F) higher than is normal for the cities throughout June.


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Elsewhere in France, the northern cities of Lille, Rouen and Paris are all set to endure unseasonably hot temperatures peaking at 27C (80.6F) and above.

The French Republic isn’t the only country enduring an unbearably hot spell.

EU bureaucrats in Brussels will be able to blame the exhaustible heat for doing even less work than usual as the Belgian capital roasts in 27C (80.6F) heat.

The warm front continues across Germany with Frankfurt set to hit 30C (86F) by Wednesday.

Heading further south, Italy and Spain are due to enjoy temperatures of 25C (77F) and above across swathes of the countries.

The heatwave will gradually head north – baking Britain to similar temperatures at the end of the month.

But in the meantime, people will have to content themselves with the mercury “only” hitting 20C (68F) and above across the south east and south west next week.

And while this weekend’s weather has sent sun worshippers racing outside – the glorious sunshine could soon be replaced with thunderstorms.

This morning the Met Office warned that almost all of England should prepare for lightning strikes, hail, and strong winds.

It released a yellow thunderstorm warning for most of England next week.

Britons can expect lightning strikes, heavy rainfall and strong winds from Wednesday through to Friday, it warned.

The yellow warning currently runs from 6pm on Wednesday evening (June 16), until the morning of Friday (June 18).

The Met Office warned the public to expect some disruption to travel.

There’s also a small chance that businesses could be impacted by floodwater and strong winds, it added.

Some areas might also be at risk of power cuts and sudden flooding.

The Met Office warning read: “Some places are likely to see thunderstorms later Wednesday through to Friday with the potential for travel disruption and flooding.

“Although there remains significant uncertainty in location and timing, areas of thunderstorms are expected to move northeast across parts of England and Wales from late Wednesday through to Friday morning.

“Whilst not all locations will be affected, some intense thunderstorms may occur during this period with torrential rain, hail, frequent lightning and strong gusty winds possible.

“Rainfall totals of around 30 mm could fall in an hour, with some locations potentially receiving around 50 mm in 2-3 hours, although these will be fairly isolated.”

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